Liza Soberano Does the Gay Lingo Challenge

The showing of LizQuen’s Valentine movie “My Ex and Whys” is fast approaching and to increase more your anticipation, here is Liza Soberano delivering “My Ex and Whys” famous lines in gay lingo.

Last week, Liza Soberano revealed that she took a lot of time perfecting the viral ‘Panget Ba Ako” scene of “My Ex and Whys” which according to director Cathy Garcia-Molina challenged the 19-year-old actress for her transition on doing much heavier drama scenes.

The scene was already dramatic as seen on the trailer but Liza Soberano further proved that she’s a versatile actress and  very ready on all types of challenge to make her grow as an actor. How was her capability tested? Well, she’s just challenged to deliver some of her famous lines on her upcoming movie using the gay lingo.

Very adorable at the same time hilarious, Liza Soberano was very much ready taking the challenge because it just took her one take to deliver her dramatic lines in gay lingo. Actually, we commend her for not buckling or experienced even a single tongue twisting as she delivered her lines. Not to mention, she delivered them all with conviction and with equal emotion.

Did Liza Soberano now convince you to hit the theatres to watch her new movie? We know that she did and we think that you do really have plans to watch “My Ex and Whys” on February 15.
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