VIDEO: Boybandph "HARRASSED" By Fans During Mall Tour

It’s not new that we see incidences wherein celebrities got hurt or harassed by wild fans during concerts or even just going out to public and the recently formed Filipino boy group BoybandPH is not an exemption. Watch how fans mobbed BoybandPH members in a mall in Cavite.

BoybandPH members are now reaping their hardships after winning a spot in the group in the ABS-CBN’s boyband search show Pinoy Boyband Superstar. Along with an exclusive contact and cash prizes comes the undeniable fame that they gained from the reality show.

Speaking of fame, not everyone is given a chance to draw the attention of people. It can be beneficial but sometimes can be detrimental at some point just like what happened to the members of BoybandPH.

Their management as well as the mall officials needed to cancel their show because of the uncontrollable fans in the venue. As seen in the video shared by a fan on Instagram, BoybandPH members particularly Joao and Ford incurred minor injuries from the fans that went wild as they approach the venue.

One photo showed how the visual of the group Joao made through the sea of fans that according to the uploader became quite harsh to the point that some pulled his hair, scratched him and even took the advantage of caressing his entire face.  Ford, on the other hand, looked uneasy but still tried to be warm to his fans despite mobbing his way.
At the end of the day, BoybandPH remained their calm and still thanked their fans who came for the event. 
VIDEO: Boybandph "HARRASSED" By Fans During Mall Tour VIDEO: Boybandph "HARRASSED"  By Fans During Mall Tour Reviewed by Boom Panot on 4:46:00 AM Rating: 5

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