Liza Soberano Celabrates Birthday in Japan

Liza Soberano chose to celebrate her 19th birthday with friends in the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Check out her photos below.

On her recent post on Instagram, Liza Soberano posted a photo of her crossing one of the streets in Japan carrying a black leather bag. The caption revealed that the bag that she’s carrying was actually a “special gift” from a special someone. Of course, that person is Enrique Gil.

According to Liza, the said gift was very special because the bag was already very rare to find but Enrique Gil managed to find the item which to be given as his 19th birthday present to his on screen sweetheart. The rare bag is a Chanel Boy Flap bag made from black diamond quilted caviar leather and antique gold hardware which costs close to half a million when bought brand new.

More of her Japan trip, Liza explored the busy streets of Shibuya and Tokyo along with her close friends and with Enrique’s gift to remind her that he’s with her during the trip. Some of her photos include posing with two of her girlfriends outside Japanese establishments and other friends the moment they set foot in Japan.

Last year, Liza Soberano spent her debut with her family and close friends in a Bohemian themed party at Club Balai Isabel near Taal Lake.
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