Watch : Taner Mata Admits Having " Attraction " to Yassi Pressman

PBB season 7 regular and heartthrob housemate Tanner Mata admits captivation towards celebrity housemate Yassi Pressman the moment she stepped her foot back in the Big Brother house. Watch his reaction in the following video.

Tanner Mata instantly fell head over heels the first time he saw Yassi Pressman when she was summoned by Big Brother back to the PBB house to join the regular housemate. The heartthrob confessed first his admiration to the celebrity with Big Brother which the housemate described as “sobrang maganda”.

On the other hand, Yassi admitted that she finds the Mata twin entertaining which in turn pleased Tanner so much. As seen in the teaser, Tanner was so speechless when Yassi gave her compliment. Not to mention, Tanner was stroking his hair while Yassi was talking about him – a sign that he’s into Yassi.

 Are we going to expect another love team in the Big Brother house? Our answer is we would love to because PBB season won’t be completed without the kilig moments by the housemates who got feelings or infatuation towards each other. It gives more color to the show apart from the varied personalities of the housemates.

As of the moment, same with the viewers we are hoping that one of these days both feelings would bud between Tanner and Yassi and it would be much better if both of them are not committed in a relationship yet.
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