Video: Sarah Geronimo Dances The Online Craze She She . Watch It Now

Filipinos are really creative in so many ways. The very viral “She! She!” video done by a student can already be considered creative, what more if “She! She!” was given a choreography done by none other Sara G? Curious of what’s the result? Watch the following video and see for yourself.

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Facebook user Daxby Viernes instantly gained popularity all thanks to his advertisement by sharing a you tube video which showcased  very creative mind of Ash Rick in incorporating “She! She!” to one of Sarah Geronimo’s number during her concert. The syncing of the “She! She!” beat with Sarah G.’s choreography perfectly matches as if the choreography was intendedly done for the song. Not to mention, the times when the pop star sings using the microphone, the only “She! She!” lyrics also jived with how she opened her mouth.

Moreover, the perfect syncing of the dance moves was not only the reason why this video hit the taste of the netizens but also the complexity of the moves which might be quite ironic because the “She! She!” beat sound simple yet so catchy. We won’t be surprise that one of these days the “She! She!” would again invade the online world and be part of the growing list of dance challenge videos.

Browsing the comment section, many netizens liked the video a lot and found it very hilarious. Within this day, we think the 300K number of views as of this moment would sky rocket since a lot of netizens tagged their friends in the comment section.
How do you find this video? Did you find it also funny?
Video: Sarah Geronimo Dances The Online Craze She She . Watch It Now Video: Sarah Geronimo Dances The Online Craze She She . Watch  It Now Reviewed by Boom Panot on 2:37:00 AM Rating: 5

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