Tyler Mata Bids Goodbye To PBB , Fans React

Tanner’s twin Tyler has bid his goodbye last night after staying for few weeks in “Pinoy Big Brother House” and no one was sadder than his twin brother Tanner.

Tanner first shocked the PBB housemates the first time he set his foot inside the PBB house because of his very Adonis-like feature but everyone especially the girls went crazier when his twin brother Tyler came to the house.

Different from other twins, Tanner and Tyler grew apart and “Pinoy Big Brother” became their bridge to meet again after a very long time. In his few weeks of stay, Tyler got to know more about his twin better thanks to the tasks and missions where Big Brother made them stay in one group and some challenges that centered on the twin such as the last task which they battled in traditional Filipino games.

On his last night, Tyler was very thankful for the opportunity of opening the PBB house for him and get the chance to learn more about his brother, Tanner. He is also grateful to everyone for showing genuine acceptance and understanding to both of them. He really had a great time, according to Tyler while he’s having a one-on-one conversation with Big Brother.

Before Tyler exited the PBB house, Big Brother lent him a basket full of Filipino delicacies which he would bring back to the United States at the same time would make him remember his Filipino blood no matter where he goes.
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