The Bullies Stole Her Running Shoes , What Happened next Will Make Us Cry

If life has been taking you down, humans will always find a way to stand up, be strong, and keep on fighting. That is what the story of the short film “Ah Boy” is about, and it told us that no matter how many trials life has been throwing at us, we should just always keep on pursuing our dreams no matter how impossible or difficult it might be. It was a story about a young boy, born into an impoverished family, her mother being a widow due to his father’s death, they strive in life no matter what. Ah Boy was a hardworking young boy with big dreams. He helps his mother earn a living by delivering newspapers and because of that, he would always come late into class and have little opportunity to learn because of the corporal punishments the teacher enforces into the class Ah Boy belonged in.

 He would always have to run 10-15 rounds into the quadrangle and be tired all day only to sleep until dismissal time. He had little friends as well, being a child of a poor family, but had got a lot of big boys who would always bully him around. There was a competition one time for track-and-field and Ah Boy wanted to join it for a prize of RM 500, he thought that the money would greatly help his mother who is sick. One time he went past a store selling sports shoes, and he adored one but cannot afford to buy it. He then worked in an eatery as a dishwasher and added manpower for him to earn enough to but the shoes he wanted, unfortunately, those bullies did the worst by playing with it and having it be thrown on a river.

He cried when he got home and got mad at his mother for not having to be able to afford to buy him new shoes and that he blames god-knows-who for having be born on a poor family. Her mother understood his sentiments and for that, she explained that his father had left nothing when he died except for an old sports shoes. It might not be new, but it can still be used. He immediately went to his mother to apologize and for that he entered the racing competition even though the bullies had told him he would not win, but chances are indeed in favor of Ah Boy, no matter how the bullies tried to get the best out of him by cheating on the race, Ah Boy stood up for himself from having fallen into the floor, got up, and won the race. It was similar in life that no matter how many challenges that come upon into our lives, we must always believe in our self, pick up our pieces, fight and remember that life would be filled with trials, but if we believe that we can, we will be able to achieve our dreams in no time.
The Bullies Stole Her Running Shoes , What Happened next Will Make Us Cry The Bullies Stole Her Running Shoes , What Happened next Will Make Us Cry Reviewed by Boom Panot on 1:57:00 AM Rating: 5

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