Yassi Pressman's New Dance Cover " TAKE MY HAND " Making Rounds in Social Media

On a dim-lighted dance room, dressed on a sexy gym clothes, Yassi Pressman goes back again for another dance cover to which she dance the song "Take My Hand" on an interpretive, emotive dance moves that showed her grace while dancing. Not the usual upbeat, fast moving song, this song showed Yassi's versatility and talent as a dancer. Her soft hand movements and twirls and falling-into-the-ground dance moves was indeed graceful and it somehow reminded us of the little girl on a white wig dancing interpretatively on international singer Sia's music videos. They share somehow of the same style on dancing and interpreting the song's message dramatically using their moves. And Yassi, she injected the right amount of drama on this song cover that she won once again the attention of netizens and her fans on the video she uploaded on het official Facebook page.

The video garnered a staggering 38,000 views and over 2,500 Likes and Reactions towards her. Many commented nice remarks, praising Yassi on her awesome dance moves. Many also say that Yassi was their crush and still their crush up until now. One also joked about how lucky Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) for having Yassi, since we know for a fact that her character was Coco Martin's leading lady on the primetime show "Ang Probinsyano". Yassi portrays a character of a lady reporter who is Cardo Dalisay's love interest and plays a risky role for being a journalist who risks her life to catch a huge scoop to which in return, she turns over the information she gathers to Cardo who is a CIDG police who busts out the evil out

Yassi, on the other hand, continues her dancing career and her show every night. There has not been new movie being reportedly having her starred on. Probably their managers are trying to brew up th chemistry of her and Coco. Possibly as well, that with the amount of emotion she releases on doing the dance cover, there must be something from within that Yassi is coming from. We are not sure however who her muse is!
Yassi Pressman's New Dance Cover " TAKE MY HAND " Making Rounds in Social Media Yassi Pressman's New Dance Cover  " TAKE MY HAND " Making Rounds in Social Media Reviewed by Boom Panot on 3:54:00 AM Rating: 5

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