VIDEO: This Liza Soberano Rap on ASAP Chill Out is Very Cute

Who would not ever fall in love with the one of the most beautiful and talented young stars in showbiz right now to the ever admirable Liza Soberano because this girl is not just a pretty face, this girl has got the talent and the grooves. In fact, there has been a lot of things she can do and very few known on what she is not very good at. She was not only loved for being a beautiful damsel on TV and movies, but also off-cam with fans.

We can further recall on their most successful and sold-out concert Dolce Amore #ChooseLove wherein fans and admirers alike adored the show as Liza shows off her belting tunes by singing Ariana Grande’s song. This time on ASAP Chill-Out, she shows off that she can do some rapping and rhyming as well to the rap songs popular today. Dressed on her hippie, gothic-style clothes, she raps Iggy Azalea’s song. Some fans commented on the video that they understood Liza’s version better than Iggy, and just shows that girl, she can make it big on-screen and has got brighter future under the lights of the international scene. We can even compare her to the very talented actress and top-model Cara Delevigne. She was not only beautiful and pretty inside-out, she has got something to showcase as well other than just being an addition of a lovely face into showbiz.

They really make a great tandem [Enrique Gil and she] because Quen can do the grooves and can even sing, and so was his leading lady-slash-loveteam-rumored girlfriend. Because who wouldn’t be proud to take a Liza Soberano home right? If I were someone to be with a person like her, I will fall in love everyday not just for her adorably, angelic face, but also with her lovely voice I could listen all day. Not only was her an overall nice person, she is also a great actress with great skills and talents. We would jam with her on her rap adventures and we wouldn’t mind that, because—Liza Soberano is Liza Soberano.
VIDEO: This Liza Soberano Rap on ASAP Chill Out is Very Cute VIDEO: This Liza Soberano Rap on ASAP Chill Out is Very Cute Reviewed by Boom Panot on 5:45:00 AM Rating: 5

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