VIDEO : Andrea Brillantes Sings Yeng Constantino's Song

Andrea Brillantes has again gone viral with her newly uploaded video on her Instagram account singing a part of Yeng Constantino’s song “T.A.N.G.A”. Watch the video and be again mesmerized by this young actress.

It’s not common to many that Andrea Brillantes has a hidden golden voice until she shared this video on her Instagram where she sang the chorus of “T.A.N.G.A” by Yeng Constantino. The video was captioned: “Walang suklay, walang make-up at walang magawa matutulog nalang ako (part 2).”
With just a bare face and without fixing her hair, Brillantes stepped up her game and showed off her performer’s side just to kill boredom. Yes, that’s how Andrea spends her time when she has nothing to do.

Judging the video, as we mentioned, the young actress has a voice. Her singing voice sounds so innocent and angelic which reflected her age. Actually, the message of the song fit her age bracket – the stage in life where tweens start to have serious crush on someone.

“T.A.N.G.A” generally sums up the exciting part of the life of the millenials nowadays but we can say that the message of the song quite contradicts Andrea’s personal life. With her beauty and personality, it’s far way impossible that she would experience one-sided love because at a young age, many had already expressed their attraction for the young actress. Maybe, the message of the song would happen the other way around in Andrea’s case?
VIDEO : Andrea Brillantes Sings Yeng Constantino's Song VIDEO : Andrea Brillantes Sings Yeng Constantino's Song Reviewed by Boom Panot on 11:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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