Kathryn Bernardo Vs Nadine Lustre : Who Is The Real Queen According to the Americans

FOMO DAILY YouTube channel features the opposing leading ladies right now on Philippine TV, and a lot of fans are raging war against each other defending their idols and stealing the crown from each other’s’ heads. This time, six Americans were tasked to choose who among the two actresses they prefer the most in terms of three things: their Instagram accounts, their music videos and their movie trailers. Footage videos of the two are to be watch by these people and they were to judge who really owns the crown!

They started off by checking their Instagram accounts for Round #1. They were easily stunned on Kathryn Bernardo’s glamorous beauty on-cam and her sophisticated pictures she shared on her IG. There were also a lot of pictures with her co-stars and BTS on some of her shooting. There really admired Kathryn until they viewed Nadine’s IG account. They commended Nadine how her IG account is an “Instagram Goals” because of the lovely pictures she shared on her account and how all of it were “Instagram-worthy” and also how sweet Nadine and her boyfriend and loveteam, James Reid. They loved the amazing shots and filters she had used and that Nadine owned the approval of them for Round #1.

For the second round, they were asked to watch their music-videos and this time, Kathryn won their adoration because of the cute and adorable face she had and a quirky attitude she showed on her video which they deemed super cute and charming. Nadine on the other hand, they said she was nice as well but she was more fierce and sophisticated, Lara Croft-ish on her music video which was good, but Kathryn had nicer producers that made her own their good remarks. This is now a tie between them, 1-1!

For the last round, there had been a mix of opinions regarding their movie trailers but at the end, Nadine owned the crown because they find more connection to the actress other than Kathryn and they said that Nadine is more of “goals” and more mature than the latter actress. Majority voted for Nadine to take home the crown, but they were of diverse decisions that both are very great on their own ways.

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