Ellen Adarna Before Star Magic Ball Behind The Scene Video

The recently concluded Star Magic Ball has become the arena of beautiful celebrities of today’s generation. Actually, it is one of the most awaited events every year not only of the celebrities invited but also the media.

Since the Star Magic Ball is the best gathering to showcase one’s goddess-like beauty and designer dresses, all celebrities tried to look at their best by hiring the best make artists and stylists except for Ellen Adarna.

Before the Star Magic Ball, Cosmopolitan Philippines accompany their followers to witness the preparation of Ellen Adarna hours before the ball. Funnily, Ellen admitted that she doesn’t want to wear heavy make-up during the event but just carry herself with confidence.

She did her make-up all by herself where she only made use of two basic essentials: lipstick and eye brow pencil. She doesn’t need to apply any cream or powder on her face because it’s so obvious that her skin is beyond perfection.

What’s her secret behind her glowing skin? According to Ellen, she just keeps herself hydrated with water (and alcohol) which according to her keeps her young.
Her hair, on the other hand, was   done in natural curls that perfectly suit with her sexy black gown embracing her petite figure.

Although she didn’t win any awards, Ellen left an impression that beauty comes with confidence. She’s literally one of the living examples of “confidently beautiful Filipina”.
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