Daddy Doug Kramer Suffers Mild Stroke

PBA player Doug Kramer admits painful truth about his health condition: He reveals om having a mild stroke just this last month (October). He share about this on his Instagram account the morning of November 23. Husband of Chesca Garcia and father to three lovely children, this is a sad news now for the Team Kramer.

However, Doug clears up that he is now on a fine condition and does not deny the possibility and probability of having to join the PBA Commissioner's Cup next year. He also shared that he wanted to announce this revelation to the public back then, but was not given the right and proper chance to do so, and yesterday morning was just the moment he has been bestowed on to inform the people who are looking up to him, his supporters and his fans.

Doug stated on his post: "Been wanting to open up about it. And finally, I can. Yes, October 10 I had a mild stroke after doing an exercise at home. I felt extreme dizziness and lost my balance. I never passed out or fainted. In fact, I remember everything that happened clearly. "

The 33-year old athlete stayed in the hospital for about 6 days. "I was thinking how could a healthy guy like me go through something like this at such an early age." He adds up. Doug has undergone a series of tests, and to which a 2D ECHO check up showed up far more hazard signs that has been imposing on his health. "After an important 2D ECHO check-up of the heart and Transesophageal Echocardiogram, they find a miniscule congenital hole in my heart and the doctors concluded in caused the clot." Doctors used a catheter-based procedure to put an enclosure to the hole.

Doctors have allowed him to do some light work-out after six weeks, and was advised to take a 3-6 months break before returning to his profession. Doug did not apparently worried much about himself but more on his family: His wife, and his children who were no less than little kids for them to possibly lose a father at a very young age.
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