VIRAL : Super Handsome Professor in Physics Discovered in Facebook

It’s been months since we shared photos of discovered hotties and finally, the long wait is over. The photos of this cute guy are now cycling online.  What made him different from the other hotties that went viral?

Maybe, if you stumble upon the photos of this guy, you might tell to yourself that you won’t skip classes if he is the teacher. Yes, you read it right. This handsome guy is a professor and he is no ordinary professor, he is a physics professor.

Facebook page Viral News Online shared this Physics professor’s photos which instantly went viral. Many female netizens commented and shared the photos thousands of times. Going through the comments, almost all commented and swore that they won’t skip their Physics subject, if this guy would be their teach while other netizens told that they’re willing to fail the subject as long as he will be the professor the next time they take the subject.

Unfortunately, Viral News Online didn’t reveal any other details about this professor other than his profession. Based on the photos, we can say that they were not taken here in the Philippines. Possibly, the nationality of this cute professor is Thai or Korean.

It’s quite not new that hotties are now venturing the education field. It can be remembered that a Filipino professor also went viral last year along with the westerner hottie who also teaches Physics and math.
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