Nadine Lustre Snobs Fan Caught on Video,Netizens Were All Shocked

Nadine Lustre faces horrible remarks right now from netizens after she was caught on a video after allegedly snobbing a fan who asked for a photograph. The video was uploaded two days ago, and a dash and spoonful of comments flooded the thread of the post, some bashing the young actress for her rude attitude. Apparently, the actress has not yet given a statement about the issue yet.

People gave Nadine some remarks for that "primadonna" attitude after watching the video. They were caught on cam where Nadine was walking side-by-side with love-team and real-life boyfriend James Reid while on what seems to be a taping. The fan caught up and approached Nadine to as for photo-opp, but the young actress just looked her through her shoulder and walked right past the fan who was left dumbfounded. The incident was taped and uploaded to social media by a netizen.

People are now drifted whether to support and explain on side with Nadine or bash her and hate her for her rude attitude. The video had no audio after all, and apparently, what Nadine could have possibly uttered was yet unknown. The actress had not yet explained her side of story and what the fans and bashers have as an argument is what they watched on the said video. Some are comparing her to other actresses of her age and equally or more popular than her are more approachable to fans. Nadine's rude attitude towards the girl was inexplicably unforgivable if she really ignored her, as she was a public figure, what she says or does will immediately affect her status, and as for this, she would have to make a lot of explaining for how she reacted.

While Nadine is not the only one who was reported to show such attitude towards ordinary people, and some actresses were a lot worse. It is still important for Nads to know how to be cautious in public, and her fame and popularity should not come up to her head and make her lose her mind under the lights of the stage.
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