Maine Mendoza Followed Liza Soberano in Instagram

A lot of celebrity has been smitten by the classic beauty of Liza Soberano and most of them had confessed their infatuation to the Kapamilya star in different ways. The most recent was Charlie Puth who indirectly mentioned Liza Soberano during his concert.

So, who’s the next celebrity who was magnetized by Liza Soberano’s charm?
This celebrity isn’t male but a female and as of this moment, this celebrity is the most in-demand artist in endorsements along with her love team. She’s the other half of this love team that broke records on twitter through their reality segment in a variety show. We guess that we gave too much hints and we’re quite sure that it would be not impossible for you to guess the artist that we’re talking about.

 To those who haven’t guessed it yet, the celebrity who followed Liza Soberano was none other than the other half of Aldub, Maine Mendoza.

Many fans of both sides were surprised when Maine Mendoza followed Liza Soberano’s Instagram account since they’re working in rival networks and haven’t met personally, as far as we know. Along with surprise, many also felt happy for the gesture because it somewhat broke the barriers between the two parties to have a chance to meet in the future.
Did Liza Soberano follow back?

Yes, she did! And because of this, many fans felt much more ecstatic and hoping that the two would meet and be friends in the near future.

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