Loisa Andalio's "JuJu On That Beat " Dance Cover Video

Former Pinoy Big Brother teen housemate, Loisa Andalio, went on to show some of her moves on dancing the ‘juju’ dance and was uploaded on Facebook. The video went immediately viral soon as it was posted. Loisa, wearing a long-sleeved white top and black pants, with her hair tied up on a bun, we never knew this girl had some grooves on her skin, mate!

 Apparently, aside from her singing talents, Loisa had showed-off some dance moves even inside the PBB house and this time, she was back again to take up on some dance craze to show that she really has got this talent on her skin. The video garnered a whole lot of great comments from netizens and fans, commending her dancing skills and moves that would really make you loco and juju! Her moves were clean and smooth and did not really make her look like some cheap, trying-hard dancer.
    The girl really made a scene even inside the house of Big Brother. Not knowing she could dance, she was guested by Kris Aquino on her late night show after her experience in the PBB house, and she told there that she was a member of pep squad and that they would always sing some cheerdance songs that probably enhance her vocal chords and singing skills.

    Compliments dashed the comment section with lovely reviews about her, telling her that: “hoaaahh!! Loisa!! Talented ka nga talaga? Anu bang hindi mo kayang gawin?? [Woooahh!! Loisa!! You are talented indeed!! What are the things you can’t possibly do??”]”. And some would also say that, “Swabe ni girl sumayaw!”, “Galing ni Loisa” and many, many more. Apparently, this girl is more than just a sweet face.
    We can remember her from her “Kuto” [head lice] issue inside the house and the love interest and triangle with Joshua and celebrity teen housemate Jane Oineza who was linked with young man as well who did not lasted way back again after they were separated in the outside world. Loisa and Joshua right now are working on their chemistry on-screen and possibly on their acting career. They might be the next Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson aye!

Loisa Andalio's "JuJu On That Beat " Dance Cover Video Loisa Andalio's "JuJu On That Beat " Dance Cover Video Reviewed by Boom Panot on 8:08:00 AM Rating: 5

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