Body of A Mermaid Found Dead in United Kingdom

Mermaids are already part of our childhood. As we grow up, these creatures continue to intrigue us whether they are real or not. With this, a lot of photos and videos trend online proving that they exist, just like the following video.

Another video of a cited dead mermaid was posted online which again brought the some speculations on the authenticity of this mythical creature. This week, Paul Jones posted on Facebook photos and video of a dead mermaid that he found washed up on the beach of Great Yarmouth.

By examining the photos and the video, it can be noticed that the alleged dead mermaid was already on the first stage of decomposition. Its body was still intact but a great percentage of its muscle had decayed exposing its skull and ribs.

Unlike the mermaids that we perceived when we were a child, this newly cited mermaid was very much different. Its structure was very small but its mid section was quite large for its body. It had no long silky hair that we used to perceive they had.

Going through the comments, some netizens were speculating the authenticity of the cited mermaid thinking that the corpse was just man-made. One netizen suspected that the tail was just made from a trash bag. On the other hand, there were some who believed that the citing was true and even advised Paul Jones to stay away from it.
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