VIDEO: Philippine President Duterte a Celebrity in Indonesia

While the president is tremendously popular in the Philippines because of his will and power to combat illegal drugs and eliminate crime and corruption, turns out he is equally popular in Indonesia! We can recall that the president went on Laos for ASEAN and travelled to Indonesia for a working visit before flying back home in our country. This is, for all we know, negotiate for the amnesty of Mary Jane Veloso who was sentenced for a death penalty because of illegal drugs. Apparently, not only in the Philippines was Pres. “Digong” well-known but in Indonesia as well.

Before flying back to the Philippines, the President, along with his adviser and PSGs, went shopping on a mall in Indonesia called Pintu Timur which seemed like our local “Divisoria” place in Manila. The presidemt was surprisingly popular for the Thais an for the Filipino citizens there who had all gathered up upon the arrival of the president. Media people and commoners alike took photo opps with the president and lights were flashing onto their faces as if they were celebrities being photographed by paparazzis on a red carpet premiere. Dressed on the traditional Barong Tagalog, Pres. Duterte strolled along the small alleys inside Pintu Timur, checking out on a stall selling checkered polos the President is fond of wearing (he had aforementioned before he was elected as the president how he despises to wear formal barong but he had no choice). He even shopped thriftly with his adviser as they try on their picks wondering if it suits them. Until after they have went out of the mall, still a bunch of fans and media people followed aster him.

This is what is lovable about the current head of the country of the Philippines. Him, being down-to-earth, and not lavishing all the riches of unknown origin unlike the previous administrations, and regardless of his foul mouth, still the people of the Philippines loves and supports him on pursuing all his visions for the country and surprisingly, not only the heart of the Filipino people he had managed to capture, but as well as the people of the Indonesia, the Land of the Free—to whom, Duterte someday aspires for the Philippines to be free of crime, poverty and corruption.

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