Sarah Geronimo , Kim Chiu Does The Pak Ganern Challenge

On her recent appearance in It’s ShowTime! segment, “Trabahula”, Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo bonded with the noontime show hosts and were invited to the trending game challenge “Pak Ganern” popularized by one of the hosts and most phenomenal artist of this generation, Vice Ganda. Sarah G was put into test on playing the game who they deemed as “a matter of life and death”.

Vhong Navarro mentions to Sarah G that fans have greatly tweeted on their Twitter accounts about their request for Sarah to take the challenge by playing the game, and due to consistent public demand, Sarah plays the game along with Vice Ganda and Kim Chiu, saying that they were playing “all-girls”. Vice instructed the two first on the mechanics of the game, he even joked about when Sarah asked up to how many will the paks and ganerns be: “Mga hanggang 38, para ‘Doble Kara’ na naglalaro pa rin tayo!”. They also told Sarah to do a bit of stretching first, saying that the game would be a tad bit difficult.

The game is on! They gathered up around on a circle and started clapping onto the beat of the “pak pak ganern ganern” game. The music turned serious as the game begins as well as the players. Sarah mentions beforehand she was not good at playing the game but it doesn’t matter that much girl! But nevertheless, she frantically lost the game for about 3-4 rounds only and they all laughed about her committing it. Vhong and the others violently reacted that why is it when she [Sarah] became the loser in the game, why was she wasn’t given the karate-chop punishment? Vice replied: “Hindi dapat tayo nanakit ng babae. Kayo, mga nananakit kayo ng babae eh! [Pertaining to himself]”
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