ALAMAT NG MGA ZOMBAKELS : Train To Busan Tagalog Version

 If South Korea has “Train To Busan”, Philippines has “Train To Taft”. What’s more terrifying? Know the answer by watching the following video.

The South Korea international blockbuster movie “Train To Busan” didn’t just scare the Filipinos who got to see the movie but also inspired some to come up with a Filipino version of it and the most successful is this one.

Many came out and appeared in our newsfeed that relates “Train To Busan” to our everyday experience with the available mass transport in our country particularly the MRT. Admit it, you are also one of the thousands whose day got ruined every once and a while because of the incompetency of our trains.

This parody trailer was done out of boredom by its maker which instantly clicked to the public. As mentioned, the worst nightmare that every commuter encounters is taking the MRT every morning going to work because commuters have no choice than experiencing forever in the traffic. They have to be prepared in battle which starts in waiting in line, battling for a comfortable space in the train and reaching your destination in one piece.

After the Korean movie “Train To Busan” hit the theaters, many Filipinos had expressed not their reaction about the movie but what would be the aftermath if the movie happens in real life. Of Course, many would be infected because our mass transport is not as competent as the trains in Korea.
ALAMAT NG MGA ZOMBAKELS : Train To Busan Tagalog Version ALAMAT NG MGA ZOMBAKELS : Train To Busan Tagalog  Version Reviewed by Boom Panot on 12:27:00 AM Rating: 5

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