VIDEO: Kakai Santos and Ahron Villena Story

Love is in the air—or is it? Kakai Santos and Ahron Villena’s viral photos together broke the internet world with their kilig moments together sharing a seemingly intimate time together which they immediately bluffed that they are really just close friends and nothing more than that.

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Ahron told Jhai on Hotspot that he and his “mom” Kakai are really just close friends. Which netizens would not believe due to their sweet photos together on vacation or even on some kind of “date out”.
While we can never prove if it was a platonic or romantic love, it is quite evident that the two are enjoying each other’s company and living the moment of what could really be something between them.

Kakai is known to be a really funny comedienne with an edge in singing, so we can conclude that Kakai has a great personality—even the Thai actor Mario Maurer got captivated by her charming personality so we think that Kakai is more humble and kind-hearted in person.

AhKai shares a good laugh and a good relationship as being shown by their videos and pictures. While there is nothing wrong or any pending issues from their “past”, and we think there is none at all, AhKai can really enjoy their life together without something to hold them back. Netizens feel the love between them even if they deny it.

Who knows? They will make an adorable couple together anyway! As long as their happy with what they have right now, there is nothing wrong with that—whether they are just friends or lovers. Cheers to AhKai!
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