VIDEO: Erich Gonzales Energetic and Funny Dance Moves Hits Social Media

The Kapamilya Community page on Facebook shared video of Erich Gonzales, dancing funnily inside a somewhat, control room or backstage studio. Erich danced carelessly on the song playing in the background, makeup-less and wearing her comfort clothes: black hoodie and maong pants with her hair tied up on a ponytail.

dancing video of Erich Gonzales

Erich showed her quirky, funny side that was video-recorded by a staff or crew or maybe a friend and uploaded yesterday on the said page on Facebook. The celebrity did a lot of dance moves that included her mimicking a cowboy dance and as if singing to the tune of the song playing at their background, then she would suddenly make a rolling motion with her arms and some pouncing of the hips—Erich has never been seen this energetic before! The star was often portrayed as soft-spoken and shy-type, and was often given the roles of a seemingly sweetheart character. She then ended her dance with a major, major hairflip!
The video was first uploaded on @zengaloparoncal’s Instagram account where Erich was tagged with a caption: Ilang kape, ‘Day? So apparently the hyper dance moves were caused by a number of doses of caffeine from coffee. The short Instagram video immediately gathered 22.4K views and 50+ comments. Social media people gave funny remarks such as:

“Mabuwang ka no, Erich? HAHA!”

“Kaloka si day! In fairness ah, yung moves nya!”

“Tawang-tawa ako sa gigil nya eh!”

“Pwede na i-apil sa GForce!”

“She’s so cuuuuute!”

“Hahaha! Hyper lang ampeg?”

    Apparently they have really appreciated Erich’s frustrated dance moves, but hey, this girl has got some grooves and awesome moves! Erich was seen performing on mall shows, dancing with her leading man-slash-boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga on their show “Be My Lady” and also she has a regular dance production on ASAP every Sunday.

    So, what can you say? All we want to say is that, we want more! More! More! More! Erich can actually dance, and I think she can do a lot better than some other artists. This girl has got some potential!
VIDEO: Erich Gonzales Energetic and Funny Dance Moves Hits Social Media VIDEO: Erich Gonzales Energetic and Funny Dance Moves Hits Social Media Reviewed by Boom Panot on 5:48:00 AM Rating: 5

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