Toni Fowler Rich Kid Dance Challenge Now Viral in Social Media

Toni Fowler, former TV show dancer, goes off again on another dance challenge featuring the RBreezy girls. Toni has been known for her trending videos of her doing a variety of alluring dance moves. And here she goes again with another  dance moves.

rich kid dance challenge

    Toni, who was leading among the trio, wore a s3xy red top and a black, T-back thong as she shows up her s3xy dance moves in accordance to the beat of the song. The 1-minute, 25-second video gathered a variety of feedbacks and comments from viewers and netizens.

    In terms of dancing skills, the girls are really skilled on their moves and their grooves, and considering they have pretty faces, it is undeniable that they would gather fans that are after the fan-service—which we think, it doesn’t really matter for Fowler since she is determined on what she doing right now, and to think, she’s really proud on her massive  appeal to the audience.

    Then again, many positive comments were gotten from viewers as well as negative feedbacks and heckle. Many pointed out that Fowler and co. did a great job, some admired her dance skills, and her pretty looks, but some pointed out if this is now the new face of a Filipina. One that s3xy dances on T-BACK TH0NGS? And some even found the video and the dance itself quite obscene which is not for general audience. One commentator even said that ALL Filipinas are like this, he said, that’s why he doesn’t want to marry a Filipina. Well, one thing I could say is that, things should not be generalized. Some are still good-natured, but I’m not saying Fowler and co. is not, apparently this is just their chosen path, their chosen career. They find satisfaction in dancing and from the fans they have. So one thing I could say is that it is their own thing. We are all entitled on our opinion anyway, but I think one should not be judged with the way she wants to do her thing. She likes dancing, she does it for herself, and she does not care on our whereabouts anyway. What’s important is that we care on our own businesses, if we don’t like it, then don’t watch it. Always remember that if you have got nothing nice to say, better not to say it anymore. Haters gonna hate after all for Toni Fowler, and that I think will not stop her from doing what she wanted. What’s important is that she can dance well, and not everyone can dance as better as what she can do.

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