Video : Jessy Mendiola Cries Foul as Angel Locsin's Fans Called Her "AHAS"

Crying, emotional Jessy Mendiola denies causing Angel Locsin - Luiz Manzano relationship break up.

During in an interview with ABS-CBN News on Sunday, Jessy Mendiola broke down to tears defending herself about the issue that she’s the cause behind Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin’s break-up. According to the FHM sexiest woman, Luis courted her this May after Luis and Angel officially broke up

Jessy Mendiola dubbed as ahas

Jessy Mendiola tearfully cleared her name about the accusations that she is the third party that caused the Luis-Angel break-up last January.

“You know, honestly, if it were true, I wouldn’t be here right now facing you guys. For me, it was clear that they broke up already when Luis started courting me. Babae ako, it happened to me before. I wouldn’t do that to any other girl,” emotional Jessy Mendiola told in her interview.

She added that it hurts that people accusing her for stealing Luis Manzano from Angel Locsin because she’d also been on the same position as Angel Locsin. Much more to all the pain the issue is causing her is that some people gives her names. Because of this, Luis Manzano has repeatedly apologized to her and has taken over her Instagram account to defend her from the bashers.

The  Kapamilya actress also told in her interview that she’s already out if the ex-lovers would try to settle their problems

“Problema na nila 'yun, kung gusto nilang mag-usap about it or clear anything with each other, I think that’s their problem. Pero huwag nila akong isasali,” Mendiola said.
At the end of the interview, Jessy Mendiola hopes that the bashers would stop dropping hurtful comments about her because they didn’t know the whole story.
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