VIDEO: In Tears, Buboy Villar Gave a Message to American GF

GMA childstar Buboy Villar hit the headlines these past few days for his announcement that he and his girlfriend will soon be tying the knot. Recently, the Encantadia cast including Buboyt Villar visited Wowowin where Buboy became emotional as he gives his message to his girlfriend.

Along with the pilot airing of the Encantadia 2016, Buboy Villar surprised the nation that he’s now engaged and plans to marry his American fiancĂ© in the US. During their guesting on Wowowin, Buboy emotionally gave his message to his girlfriend Angillyn Gorens.

gf of buboy villar

According to Buboy, Angillyn is the only woman that turned him into a good boy and added that if he and Angillyn would end up together, he would forget all his vices and just focus on loving the woman he loves.

Since Buboy was about to break down that time, Willie Revillame lighten up the atmosphere and jokingly told the young actor “dahil nakatsamba” or lucky enough to fish a beautiful American woman willing to marry a Filipino. Of course, it was just a joke. Later, Willie Revillame revamped that Angillyn is lucky to have Buboy as her soon-to-be husband.

 Since Buboy and Angillyn’s love story touched Willie Revillame, the Wowowin host surprised the two that he will be shouldering the couple’s fare to the US offering them 1st class seats and it didn’t end their because Willie also promised them a trip to Hong Kong covering all their expenses from fare up to the hotel accommodation and pocket money.
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