WATCH: Liza Soberano Does House Chores all by Herself

If you’re looking for the ultimate dream girl, we think Liza Soberano fits all the qualifications. Well, she’s not just beautiful and talented; she could also be a perfect wife. Watch Liza Soberano caught doing all house chores all by herself.

Liza Soberano isn’t only for showbiz; she can also be a wife material. This video compilation posted by Liza Soberano’s fan page on youtube proved that the Kapamilya star isn’t just a beautiful face. In the video, Liza was caught doing house chores such as washing the clothes, cooking and cleaning a bathroom.

During the first clip, the “Dolce Amore” leading star was addressed ‘Inday’ and teased to finish the laundry yet Liza was very game to ride on the role playing and gladly assured her ‘mam’ that everything was okay.

Next, Liza Soberano was filmed cooking for breakfast and looked quite shock upon knowing that she’s being filmed. Based on the short clip, we guess Liza was cooking a can of corned beef for breakfast.

The last clip which was filmed 11 o’clock in the morning caught Liza cleaning the floor of presumably their bathroom. Just like the previous one, Liza was surprised the moment the one taking the video entered the bathroom to document Liza doing her morning chores using smartphone app Snapchat.

Uploaded on May 29, this compiled videos of Liza Soberano doing house chores all by herself hit 1K views. Better give this video more hits because it deserves more than just a thousand views. Hit the like button and don’t forget to share this to your friends.
WATCH: Liza Soberano Does House Chores all by Herself WATCH: Liza Soberano Does House Chores all by Herself Reviewed by Boom Panot on 2:42:00 AM Rating: 5

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