VIDEO : Baste Duterte Sings Before I Let You Go

This video of Baste Duterte together with his sister Inday Sara continuously gains thousands of hits after it was uploaded yesterday morning. Find out the reason why the netizens are going crazy for this video.

Rodrigo duterte's son baste viral video

With the video caption “BAGO DAW UMALIS SI BASTE KANTA MUNA SYA "BEFORE I LET YOU GO" INDAY&BASTE BONDING”, Baste Duterte was caught singing using a karaoke as requested by his sister Inday Sara. At first, Baste was hesitant to grant his sister’s request but after few lambing from Inday Sara and encouragement from his friends the incoming presidential son heartthrob gave his ‘yes’ with the condition to sing “Before I Let You Go” by Freestyle.

During the Karaoke showcase, it’s noticeable that Baste and Inday Sara share a very close bond as seen by how Inday Sara treats her little brother. Moreover, it’s not just the closeness of these two that was very obvious but also Baste’s rock rendition of the Freestyle love song. Although there were high notes in some parts of the song, Baste was able to hit them. Because of this, we think many girls would again fall even more to Baste.

Other than the closeness of Baste and Inday Sara and Baste’s singing skills, other netizens expressed their appreciation to Inday Sara’s effortless beauty. Well, maybe one of these days and with great possibility, Inday will be sharing the spotlight with Baste for her good looks.

As of this writing, this video of Baste singing “Before I Let You Go” in karaoke hit more than 1M views in just a day after it was uploaded.
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