FUNNY VIDEO : Vice Ganda's Trumpet Dance Challenge

After Rihanna’s “Work” dance craze that was covered by a lot of local artists, now, Sak Noel’s “Trumpets” invades the country’s noon time TV shows and the first personality that comes in our mind to do the “Trumpets” challenge is of course the none other than ‘unkaboggable’ star Vice Ganda. Hit the play button to see how Vice Ganda hilariously owned the “Trumpet” dance.

vice ganda trumpet dance funny video

 Debate arises as who popularized the “Trumpets” dance in the country. Some says that it was “Eat Bulaga” while others say that it was in “It’s Showtime” where the dance craze started. Well, for us it doesn’t matter who popularized first the dance. What’s important with us is how the artists left impression and entertained the viewers.

Talking about impression and entertainment, it’s no doubt that Vice Ganda is one of the few artists who can leave the audience with these. We can say that Vice Ganda’s version of “Trumpet” dance is the most hilarious and the funniest among all that attempted.

Thanks to the early gong of “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” because Vice Ganda was obliged to entertain the audience using the long ample time given to the segment’s hosts to do some adlibs. As we all know, it’s Vice Ganda’s nature to dance to whatever song DJ MOD plays during the live show and during that time “Trumpet” was played. Different from the other artists, Vice Ganda danced the hit song in different tempo and it turned out funnily that even the “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” judges can’t even contain their laughter.
FUNNY VIDEO : Vice Ganda's Trumpet Dance Challenge FUNNY VIDEO : Vice Ganda's Trumpet Dance Challenge Reviewed by Boom Panot on 11:37:00 PM Rating: 5

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