WATCH: New Relationships vs. Long-Term Relationships

Before the relationship of couples became lasting, they first encountered a stage wherein they still on the process of getting to know each other which takes place during the first months of the relationship. If you’re an old couple and trying to reminisce this stage, you’re in the right place. Hit the play button to know what we are talking about.

What’s the difference between new relationships and the long-term ones? Based on this video posted by Curtis Lepore on Facebook, we can say that in long-term relationships women tend to be more dominant than the men. Women become more bully and authoritative to men which resembles what’s happening on reality since wives are hailed ‘commanders’ by their husbands.

New Relationship vs long term relationship

When it comes to new relationships, couples act sweetly and grant each other’s requests. Opposite to long-term relationship, women are more generous and sweeter to their partners during the first months of the relationship. They always try to please their partners.

Analyzing both the situation, it can be claimed that women’s behaviour changes as time passes by. Taking our perspective, women become more comfortable showing their darkest side to the person they love which is a good thing because this just prove how much they trust their partner, still loving them despite the not-so-flattering changes.

Do you also experience the same shift on your relationship? Who overpowers who? Let us know your encounters by dropping them on the comment section below
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