WATCH: Mayor Duterte caught crying in front of his parents’ graves

A video of Davao City Mayor and presidential front runner Rodrigo Duterte tearing in front of his parents’ grave went viral this morning.

It’s a known fact that the Mayor Duterte is known for his iron fist and funny side. Although many perceive that the Davao mayor is tough at all times, his soft side came now to rise few hours after the partial and unofficial results of the national elections came out. The video uploaded by facebook user Edith Ging Z. Cadauya proved that mayor and future president of the country Rodrigo Duterte is also vulnerable.

crying duterte video
PHILIPPINES- Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was seen crying in front of his parent's grave after the election.

In the video, the presidential front runner broke down in tears as he visited the grave of his parents at 3 o’clock this morning. According to the caption of the video, Rody Duterte asked his parents to guide him in the biggest journey of his life – leading the country. Despite the big lead against his close competitor, Grace Poe who already conceded to him last night, the Davao mayor still couldn’t believe that he is leading the race and will soon be the next president of the country.

Also in the video, it can be heard that the confessed mama’s boy Mayor Rodrigo Duterte called on his mother Soledad: “Tabangi ko, ma.”  Which translates “Help me, mom.” Duterte also said that he long wanted to cry aloud but was too busy in his campaign.

Mayor Duterte’s mother was a public school teacher while his father was used to be the governor of Davao.
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