WATCH: Duterte warns Baron Geisler

Recently, Baron Geisler again made news on social media for raging on the day of his shoot in University of the Philippines Diliman for a student project. Although this issue might already been settled, the presumptive president stepped in and warned Baron Geisler to stop his bad boy attitude.

Duterte on Baron Geisler

Last week, the video of Baron Geisler who went ‘beast mode’ on UP students filled our newsfeed and was even featured on local news. News said that the reason behind Baron’s sudden change in mood on the set for a student project in UP was because of delay in their schedule. The production crew failed to give the script to Baron beforehand that caused the actor to go ‘beast mode’ and attack one of their crews.

In the video, before Baron Geisler went rage, he told that he’s very exhausted for three days and it can be seen that one of the student film makers sincerely apologized to the actor. Later, Baron wasn’t been able to contain his temper and attack the student. He gripped his head as he forced the student to sa y “please”.

At first, many netizens thought that the video was scripted and was just made for social experiment but both parties confirmed that it wasn’t that everything happened as it was.

Now, this video of Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte warning Baron Geisler started to hit our newsfeed a week after the incident and by checking the date it was published, the video was posted not long after the issue came out but there is nothing to worry about because this video is just satirical.
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