WATCH: Baste Duterte’s kiss video goes viral now hits 1M views

It’s pretty obvious that Baste or Sebastian Duterte shares the spotlight with the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte. Watch the recently posted video of Baste Duterte that now gained more than 1M hits.

Next to the upcoming president of our country Rodrigo Duterte, his youngest son Sebastian Duterte catches the attention of the public for his pogi looks which he got from his father. During the campaign period, Baste Duterte already become known after a meme of the sons of the presidentiables went out on social media and because of his bad boy look and well-built physique, many female netizens instantly fell head over heels to the presidential son.

Just 3 days ago, a video of Baste Duterte giving virtual kisses to his fans went viral. Although the video only took 20 seconds, the netizens that got to see it confessed that it was more than enough because everyone is free to rip the replay button, just like what we did.

The 20-second video was recorded by Baste’s friend who went live on facebook. He mentioned that there were more than a thousand who subscribed on the live video upon knowing that Baste was with him. Baste was very sport on granting the request of his friend and fans to send them some virtual kisses. Not to mention, he did that not once but twice.

As of this writing, this video of Sebastian Duterte sending virtual kisses to his fans had reached 1.4M views.

WATCH: Baste Duterte’s kiss video goes viral now hits 1M views WATCH: Baste Duterte’s kiss video goes viral now hits 1M views Reviewed by Boom Panot on 9:27:00 PM Rating: 5

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