WATCH: Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith “Work” by Rihanna Dance Showdown

During the recent guesting of sisters Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith on “Gandang Gabi Vice”, the sisters were challenged to do a dance showdown of the hit sexy dance craze “Work” by Rihanna on the GGV stage. Hit the play button to witness how the Curtis-Smith sisters rocked the GGV stage.

Anne Curtis dances work , Jasmine curtis dance video

Anne Curtis is not new as one of Vice’s favourite guests in his show. On her recent guesting, she was joined by her little sister Jasmine which turned the episode into one of the most memorable. At the last part of the mentioned episode, Vice Ganda intrigued the two by asking who sings better. Of Course, Anne took the credit while Jasmine insisted that she dances better than her sister Anne.

Upon insisting that she’s better, Vice requested Jasmine to take the stage and show what she got by dancing Rihanna’s hit “Work” but she again insisted to do some showdown with her sister Anne. Well, Anne took the challenge and told her little sister to come first for her to know how she’ll respond.

At first, Jasmine was hesitant because she’s wearing a sunny dress but later showed off her cute “Work” dance moves. As expected, Anne gave some pasabog during her turn. She got the advantage because of her blazing confidence.
Upon watching the video, who do you think dances better? Is it Anne or Jasmine? Share your answers with us by dropping your comments on the comment section.
WATCH: Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith “Work” by Rihanna Dance Showdown WATCH: Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith “Work” by Rihanna Dance Showdown Reviewed by Boom Panot on 3:38:00 AM Rating: 5

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