VIRAL VIDEO : Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar Sings "TORETE "

It’s now time for Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar to take the RovndPH stage by covering the 90’s song “TORETE” by Moonstar 88. Hit the play button and be enchanted by Sue and Kristel’s voices.
We are a great fan of non-recording artists sharing song covers online. This time, we will be sharing this enchanting “TORETE” cover by Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar that totally hit us straight through our bones.

On April 23rd, youtube channel RoundsPH invited the two online sensations Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar to take their stage and give their own rendition to Moonstar 88’s “TORETE”. Compared to the other “TORETE” covers, we can say that this one is the best because Sue and Kristel complimented each other.
Sue’s loud and husky voice and Kristel’s low and angelic voice is a match made in heaven. Although Sue sang the entire time, Kristel’s angelic voice wasn’t overpowered by Sue’s voice because they complimented each other, as we reiterate.
With their successful individual videos, Sue and Kristel became known not only in the online world. Their song covers opened some big opportunities in the showbiz industry. They appeared as guest on various TV programs to showcase their talent. Now, many are looking forward to see more of Sue and Kristel or the “SueTel” together.
In just one week, Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar’s cover of the classic OPM song “Torete” is now approaching 200K views with numerous of positive feedbacks and praise coming from the netizens that got to see the cover.
VIRAL VIDEO : Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar Sings "TORETE " VIRAL VIDEO : Sue Ramirez and Kristel Fulgar Sings "TORETE " Reviewed by Boom Panot on 7:15:00 AM Rating: 5

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