New Ellen Adarna Working Out Video Goes Viral

Summer will be much hotter after you see this new  leaked Ellen Adarna workout video. Hit the play button to find out why.

Whether professionally filmed or not, all workout videos of Ellen Adarna trend and go viral online and this one is the most recent. This 10-second workout video of Ellen Adarna doing only one routine could possibly cause your body to heat up because it is Ellen Adarna doing this bizaare workout routine.

sexy Ellen Adarna

It may look bizaare as it also ‘sounds’. We can say that this workout routine of Ellen Adarna strengthens her core and at the same time develop more of her abs. Other than looking bizaare, this kind of workout is challenging and intense given that Ellen is active on sculpting her body especially her mid section.

Watching the 10-second video alone made us feel the pain that Ellen was enduring as his trainer pushes a roll of rubber weights on her stomach which Ellen tries to counter the movement by firming her abdominal area and strengthening her legs. Apart her mid section, her legs were also in flame due to maintaining the right stance or posture for the routine.

Upon watching the video, our adoration to women that try their best to be fit and healthy levelled up since we also do some core workout and we can say that it is no joke to faithfully and strictly lend even 10 minutes of your time to do full body workout.

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