Kathniel Selfie on Election Day Goes Viral

The teen queen and the teen king is once again the hot topic in social media today. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla  are both in the hot seat after their selfie photos with the ballot goes viral in the internet.

May 9 is the election day for the Philippines . Commission on Election  have  set  rules and regulations to follow . Anyone who will violates the rules, law and regulations that was set by the COMELEC is subjected for punishment. No exemptions, even the president.

Kathryn Bernardo- Daniel Padilla Selfie on election day  

According to the COMELEC, taking selfie with your ballot is strictly prohibited.  It is an election offense to take a photo of your ballot on election day. Anyone who found guilty could spend up to 6 years in jail.

Kathniel's election selfies earned outrages from netizens. COMELEC spokeperson James Jimenez  wants to talk to the the said loveteam.

Daniel Padilla selfie election

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