Jose Manalo as Duterte. Watch the Funny Video

Many dares to impersonate the next president of our county but among all we think that Jose Manalo did a great job in his recent role in GMA’s Sunday noontime show Sunday Pinasaya. Hit the play button to see how Jose Manalo nailed it.

With the landslide win during the election, presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte heads now the news locally and internationally. Other than the news, many local TV shows and personalities tried to impersonate the next president of our county and the most recent is Jose Manalo.

Jose Manalo as Rodrigo Duterte

Named himself as Mayor Rodney #Ju30, Jose Manalo again proved his skills in impersonating personalities during the yesterday’s episode of Sunday Pinasaya. The show’s segment Star Buzz hosted by Aiai Delas Alas, Barbie Forteza as Kris Aquino and Wally Bayola as Boy Abunda didn’t only invited Mayor #Ju30 on their show but also the impersonator of Vice Presidential candidate front runner Congresswoman Leni Robredo.

Sunday Pinasaya’s segment Star Buzz went very well thanks to Jose’s very effective and hilarious impersonation of Mayor Duterte. From how the presumptive president dresses up to his hand gestures and accent, Jose Manalo perfectly got everything.

Without getting any further from the recently held election, the segment’s hosts asked the Mayor #Ju30 and the impersonator of Leni Robredo about their plans for the country. The mayor was also asked why he keeps on placing his hand on his face which he jokingly answered that it would help to smoothen his face.

The mentioned were just few of the witty yet funny answers of Mayor #Ju30 and Leni Rebredo. Anticipate more funny answers when they were asked how they will give solution to the EDSA traffic.
Jose Manalo as Duterte. Watch the Funny Video Jose Manalo as Duterte. Watch the Funny Video Reviewed by Boom Panot on 5:54:00 AM Rating: 5

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