FUNNY VIDEO: Presidentiables Look-Alikes, DUTERTE, MAR, POE, BINAY, MIRIAM

It’s been two weeks after the successful 2016 National Election, new leaders are now proclaimed while the presumptive president is now busy sharing his plans for the country. Just to reminisce the past campaign period, here is a video of the presidentiables look-alikes that would certainly make your weekend. Hit the play button to see whose impersonator is close to original.

First on the line is Jess, a student in UP Diliman. Due to her talent in make-up contouring and in doing comedic acts, Jess will be mistaken as the young Miriam Defensor Santiago when she starts to walk in the public streets in her Miriam Defensor’s costume while uttering some of her witty pick-up lines and jokes.

LP’s standard-bearer Mar Roxas or Mr. Palengke has he’s own version in Bacolod City. Arwin, the Mr. Palengke of Bacolod City, frequents to the market, just like how Mar Roxas campaigned for senatorial race wayback. Arwin doesn’t need to do some contouring or wear any costume because in just one glance you can already see some similarities with the adminitration’s pambato.

Few weeks ago, a photo of an Indonesian taxi driver went viral because he definitely looks like VP Binay. His photo had been shared by thousands which led his photos to be featured in various TV programs. According to the Filipino tourists that took his photo, they have the taxi driver’s consent before they took his photos and shared them online.

Before landing a seat in the senate, Senator Grace Poe was a teacher in profession same with her ka-look-alike. Teacher Erlinda first didn’t knew that she shares some common features with Grace Poe until her co-teachers told her so. Just like Grace Poe, Teacher Erlinda is a mestiza and has a petite physique.

The look-alikes of presumptive president had already invaded the social media. From Duterte’s younger version, Du20 up to his oldest Du40, the online world hadn’t fell short on searching for his ka-look-alikes even professional impersonator Willie Nepumoceno now joined the bandwagon.
So, who do you think looks close to the original?
FUNNY VIDEO: Presidentiables Look-Alikes, DUTERTE, MAR, POE, BINAY, MIRIAM FUNNY VIDEO: Presidentiables Look-Alikes, DUTERTE, MAR, POE, BINAY, MIRIAM Reviewed by Boom Panot on 1:45:00 AM Rating: 5

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