FUNNY VIDEO : Kathryn Bernardo Dances " TATLONG BIBE "

This video shared and edited by Facebook user Bec Rollo totally made our day. Watch the edited video of Kathryn Bernardo dancing in the tune of “Tatlong Bibe”.

We’ve been in the online industry for quite some time now but we couldn’t trace where the “Tatlong Bibe” craze started. As a matter of fact, the original animated video of it hit more than 5M views which can now be considered as the most watched animated children song online.

tatlong bibe dance by Kathryn Bernardo

Due to the “Tatlong Bibe” craze, Facebook user Bec Rollo came out with a creative idea of incorporating the song in one of Kathryn Bernardo’s ASAP performance. The middle part of the children song: “Tayo na sa ilog and sabi, kumendeng, kumendeng ang mga bibe…” perfectly jived with Kathryn’s sexy and snappy moves on the ASAP stage.

Honestly, we don’t know what dance Kathryn was performing in this edited video but all that we can say is that “Tatlong Bibe” could be a good song choice for some sexy dance moves just like this one.
With the fame that this children song is gathering right now, we’re pretty sure that this kind of video won’t be the last. It might even exceed the hits of “Hala, nahulog, log, log, log…” craze soon.
As of this writing, this edited video of Kathryn Bernardo performing on ASAP has reached more than 44K views.

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FUNNY VIDEO : Kathryn Bernardo Dances " TATLONG BIBE " FUNNY VIDEO : Kathryn Bernardo Dances " TATLONG BIBE " Reviewed by Boom Panot on 1:24:00 AM Rating: 5

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