Duterte's Sweet and ROmantic Side Caught On Camera

Duterte Surprises Ex Wife Elizabeth on her Birthday .

Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte isn’t only known for his very effective leadership but also for his charisma among women especially to those that became part of his life. Despite being separated with wife Elizabeth Zimmerman, Duterte still finds some time to visit his ex-wife on her birthday. Watch this video to witness Mayor Duterte’s sweet side.

On April 14, this video of Davao city mayor Rody Duterte instantly went viral because it showcased the not-so-dominant side of the fierce Davao city mayor. Opposite to what we see in the news, the next Philippine president is also vulnerable when it comes to the people he loves. In the video, Dterte surprised his ex wife Elizabeth Zimmerman on her birthday.

Duterte's wife elizabeth birthday

Although this video was taken during the campaign period, Duterte included in his very busy schedule the celebration of his ex-wife’s birthday. Fresh from campaign, he went straight to the prepared birthday party of his ex-wife via private jet. He didn’t carry any expensive gift but just two bouquets of fresh flowers.

The event was filled with their loved ones including Duterte and Zimmerman’s children Inday Sara and Paolo Duterte as seen in the video. Without any hesitation, Mayor Rody gave his ex-wife a passionate kiss on the lips and wished his ex-wife to have a longer life up to a thousand year.
As mentioned at the end of the video, respect binds the relationship of Elizabeth Zimmerman and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.
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