Cheating Gf Caught in Hidden Cam. SHOCKING

In every relationship, trust must be the foundation most especially when you don’t see each other 24/7 but what will you do, if you feel that there’s something going on with your partner and your friend? Read the story of this man on how he caught his girlfriend cheating with his friend.

The man and his girlfriend were first living together happily until he let his friend to stay with them. Since he’s not at home all the time and just comes home after the long hours of work, he didn’t have time to monitor his girlfriend and his friend when he’s away from home. As time passes by, his trust to his girlfriend and his friend fades because of some encountered awkward experiences.

One time he caught his girlfriend in his room gaming while his friend in the shower. Knowing that the room was locked, his girlfriend was flustered when he walked in. This increased more his suspicion.

He didn’t let the same experience to happen again. That’s why he bought a hidden camera that looks like Bluetooth speakers for $40 and put it in the kitchen table and set up the alerts.

Three days later, the hidden camera alerted while he’s at work. As he expected, he proved his suspicion right. Immediately, he confronted his girlfriend about it but she denied and told him that she’s not the woman in the video. So, he sent the video on group chat to verify to their friends that she’s the woman in the video.

The man was more in shocked after he watched the video again and saw his friend doing something while he’s having a great time in cloud 9 with his girlfriend. He found that he wasn’t the only one filming.
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