Willie Revillame Eating Fishball in The Street Goes Viral

Willie Revillame was approached by a teenage Aeta as he was eating fishballs outside the GMA Network studio. You will be surprised by the next scenes. Hit the play button to see what we’re talking about.

We all know that Wowowin host Willie Revillame has a soft spot for the less fortunates. On cam, we see him generously giving away cash to people that deserve to be given a new life. Does he do the same off cam?

In this video shared by Adrian Gret, Willie Revillame was filmed by a bystander eating some fishballs outside GMA Network studio until a teenage katutubo approached the host and asked if he could sing to him. Of Course, Willie Revillame granted the request of the teenager and showed what he got.

The people including Willie Revillame who was enjoying his mirienda were mesmerized by the teenager because of his spot on singing voice. He almost sounded like Justin Bieber although he quite fell short at the first part of his showcase. AJ gave his own rendition to Justin Bieber his “Eenie, Meenie”, “Love Yourself” and “Sorry”. 

Later on 24Oras, it was found that AJ is the young Aeta featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho who went viral because of his video where he’s caught singing some Justin Bieber songs to his customers in order to sell his goods. If we remember it right, the goods that he’s selling are wooden recorders.
According to Willie Revillame, AJ will soon appear as a guest on Wowowin.
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