WATCH: Principal and his secretary Scandal Caught on Camera

School principal and his secretary caught on cam doing something inappropriate in  an empty classroom in the US. Hit the play button to see the actual footage of the  principal and his secretary scandal scene.

School is considered as our second home and just like our home; schools must also be treated with respect especially during the class hours. Sadly, a school in the US became controversial because of a very unacceptable act done by the school principal and his secretary.

A 19-year-old high school student named Miranda heard an unusual noise coming from an empty classroom in their school. In order to check what’s happening inside, she used her phone’s camera and placed it on a hole near the floor. Surprisingly, she captured their school principal and her secretary  kissing and caressing each other inside the empty room.

Miranda recorder the entire making out session and shared the video to her mom and some friends. Since the actual footage was a concrete evidence against the principal and his secretary of breaking the school’s laws and regulations. The principal as well as the secretary immediately filed their resignation. Not to mention, the principal and the secretary are both married not to each other but to someone else.

According to Miranda, she didn’t regret anything and just thought that she did the right thing which for us is also the right thing to do.

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