VIRAL : The Man Swallowed by A Giant Anoconda . WATCH SHOCKING VIDEO

A lot of anaconda eating huge preys’ photos and videos had instantly turned viral online due the fact that it really is intriguing. Anaconda swallowing a crocodile, giant anaconda caught alive, name it and the internet has it. Now, netizens are very much intrigue by a video of an anaconda that ate a man alive. Hit the play button to see what we are talking about.

A clip of an anaconda that swallowed his human prey alive gave us goose bumps. Not to mention, the prey was in seating position when an anaconda swallowed him from behind. This clip brought the hoax factor to where the clip was taken to confirm whether the video is real or not.

Just for a little background about the story, going through history, there is still no recorded any incident that an anaconda swallowed a human alive and this story might be the first in record if it is proven real but there was one man named Paul Rosolie who attempted to be swallowed by a giant anaconda. Despite of being equipped with a snake-proof suite, Rosolie failed because of intolerable grip of the snake that almost crushed his arms.

Going back to the video, through some research, the viral video clip of anaconda swallowed a man alive in a seating position was proven a hoax. This video clip was just part of a contact lens commercial.

At first glance, it’s really hard to believe that an anaconda can eat a man alive just like the viral ad because it’s really impossible for an anaconda to swallow a man alive because naturally, snakes first kill their preys before eating them.
VIRAL : The Man Swallowed by A Giant Anoconda . WATCH SHOCKING VIDEO VIRAL :  The Man Swallowed by A Giant Anoconda . WATCH SHOCKING VIDEO Reviewed by Boom Panot on 8:10:00 AM Rating: 5

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