VIDEO: “Carrot man” is the newest Boardwalk endorser

It seemed that the ”Carrot man” craze isn’t over yet. Yesterday, the online community was again surprised with the newest release of Boardwalk introducing their newest brand Ambassador – Jeyrick “Carrot man” Sigmaton.

The past rumors about Jeyrick Sigmaton signing a contract under a local clothing brand is now confirmed. Yes, Jeyrick “Carrot man” Sigmaton is now the new model of Boardwalk. In the photo released by Boardwalk on their Instagram account yesterday, Jeyrick wore a hoodie with printed tiny carrots on the sleeves which suggest that the local clothing brand had created a product or line especially for the online sensation.

Another photo came out featuring Jerick Sigmaton in black and white. At first glance, you might think that it was Alden Richards because of his deep and very evident dimple. Anyway, it’s agreeable that both Alden and Jeyrick are good looking and blessed with down to Earth personality.
If you want to see more of Jeyrick “Carrot man” Sigmaton, we suggest that you contact the distributors of Boardwalk because there’s a huge chance to see more photos of Jeyrick in their brochure.

Jeyrick “Carrot man” Sigmaton first caught the attention of the netizens by his viral photos carrying a basket of carrots in Mt. Province. After his photos went viral, a lot of opportunities came in including his wish to see his favourite celebrity Willie Revillame where the Wowowin host promised to help Jeyrick to finish his studies.
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