Snake came out of toilet bowl and bit man’s private. OUCHHH!!!

This photo of a snake lurking inside a toilet bowl surprised a lot of netizens. What more to the man who found it?

Facebook user named Jonjon Joson shared his horrible experience inside their toilet. In their toilet bowl he found a snake and seemed like the snake came from below or in the sewage as seen in the photo. The next photo that Jonjon shared showed spots of blood on the floor which according to him his blood because he was bitten by the snake.

snake found in the toilet

Some netizens didn’t believe Jonjon’s story because they thought that it’s impossible for  a snake to come out from a toilet since it will need to pass a lot of pipelines before it comes out in some household’s toilets.

If you ask us, we’re also in doubt in believing Jonjon’s story because apart from the pipelines that the snake needs to surpass, it’s quite unbelievable that Jonjon still had guts to take a photo of the snake and his bloody encounter with this creature. If we’re in his shoes, probably, we would already shout for help of shut the toilet’s cover down to prevent the snake to cause more damage.

The authenticity of Jonjon’s claim of seeing a snake inside a toilet is still in question but just to prevent the unfortunate situation to happened again, let’s be vigilant whether we’re outside or inside our house and let’s never forget to check first the toilet before using it.

Unfortunately, there is no available video of the snake in the toilet incident. However, here is another video of a cold blooded reptile found in human's toilet. Watch it below

Snake came out of toilet bowl and bit man’s private. OUCHHH!!! Snake came out of toilet bowl and bit man’s private. OUCHHH!!! Reviewed by Boom Panot on 12:34:00 AM Rating: 5

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