Weather Girl Roxana Vancea Suffers Wardobe Malfunction Live on TV

Romanian weather reporter accidentally flashed some of her private part while reporting on air. Watch how the wardrobe malfunction happened.

Wardrobe malfunction is every celebrity’s nightmare and a lot of well-known star such as Janet Jackson and Britney Spears had experienced exposing a glimpse of their private part. Currently, a Romanian weather reporter namely Roxana Vancea became one of wardrobe malfunction victims in front of live audience.

Roxana Vancea wardrobe malfunction

In the 16-second video, it’s already noticeable that the 25-year-old has something ‘to show’ due to her revealing outfit that highlight her asset. At first, you might think that a possible wardrobe malfunction won’t take place because she’s just reporting in a studio but later her movement provoked the situation to happen.
Obviously, we don’t have any idea what Roxana is saying that made her jog while she’s telling the weather news maybe because the weather would be very nice to do some outdoor exercise? Going back to the about-to-happen slip, Roxana’s big movements allowed a part of her asset to make a surprise appearance. And we think that she felt it immediately and swiftly pulled her shirt up as if nothing happened.
When it comes to the netizens who got to witness the unfortunate scenario, most of the male netizens felt a bit disappointed since they expected ‘more’. Well, it’s male’s nature.
With this, we hope that everyone must learn from this. Always see to it that you wear outfits that will fit your activity.
Weather Girl Roxana Vancea Suffers Wardobe Malfunction Live on TV Weather Girl Roxana Vancea Suffers Wardobe Malfunction Live on TV Reviewed by Boom Panot on 3:57:00 AM Rating: 5

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