WATCH: Liza Soberano's Secret to Be Fit and Beautiful

Truly, Liza Soberano is an all-in-one package. Apart from being an actress and a commercial model, Liza Soberano is now making her own name in the fitness world. Watch the latest work-out video of the Dolce Amore star and be inspired by her motivation on living a fit life.

Liza Soberano secrets

Despite her busy schedule, Liza Soberano still finds time to go to the gym to stay fit and healthy. In this video uploaded by Star Magic, the Kapamilya primetime actress looks very focus on maintaining her body or maybe trying to sculpt some muscles for the upcoming summer – to be beach ready.
Going through the video, it seemed that Liza focused on core work-out that tones the mid part of her body. She also did lifting to tone her arm muscles and some squats to firm her buttocks and improve her posture.

If you’re a Liza Soberano fan, we think this video will increase your motivation to come to gym and have a fit life. Well, you’ll never know one day you might bump into Liza Soberano in a gym and later be her gym buddy.

This video of Liza Soberano made us adore her more because she proves that beautiful actress isn’t only good in the limelight, she can also be tough and fierce inside a gym.

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Liza Soberano workoout
Stay sexy and healthy
Posted by Liza Soberano on Friday, August 21, 2015
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