WATCH: Edu Manzano threatens Alex Gonzaga

It seemed that there’s something seriously going on between Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano. After Alex Gonzaga’s video post of veteran actress and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano later posted a video of his father Edu Manzano threatening the Inday Bote star.  Watch the video to find out.

This online ‘war’ of Alex Gonzaga and Edu manzano started with a simple scratch and Luis Manzano funnily entitled the ‘war’ #Kalmotserye. Luis Manzano posted in his twitter account a photo of his wrist with a long deep scratch done by Alex Gonzaga.

The next day, Alex Gonzaga shared a video showing Vilma Santos scolding her for scratching her son Luis Manzano. According to Vilma Santos, she never lifted her hand to her son in lifetime. Now, Luis Manzano’s father broke his silence and reacted to the excruciating scratch done by Alex to his son. Like an action star which Edu Manzano is known at told Alex that he knew where she’s residing.
We know that you’re witty enough that these two are just having a fun time online. So, don’t take the online ‘war’ seriously because obviously Alex and Luis love to do sarcastic jokes wheter online or in the real life.

In time with the upcoming May election, Luis Manzano’s father Edu Manzano is running for Senator while his mother Vilma Santos is expecting for another term as governor of Batangas. Both Alex and Luis are busy on their hosting career and shows on the Kapamilya network

Ayan na @cathygonzaga !!!!! WW3 ay magsisimula na, Batangas laban sa Taytay!!! 😂😂😂😂 #kalmotserye

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